Montreal is the largest francophone city in Canada, and the second largest in the world. However, visitors will have no problem navigating the streets or conversing with the people who inhabit them as a large portion of the city’s populations speaks English as either a first or second language. Popular among tourists for their architectural beauty and historical significance, Montreal’s cathedrals have been wonderfully preserved and are open for informative tours or opportunities to pray. But Montreal’s marvelous structures also include a range of government buildings which, next to its many contemporary towers, makes the city feel like an intersection of centuries. Montreal is also notable for its variety of high-profile festivals and celebrations that feature everything from music to sports, film, and live performance. A city of fine food, fine culture, and fine arts, even its buskers bring a professional feel to the boardwalk. Montreal is a must-see destination for anyone interested in exploring the diversity of Canadian culture.



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