Germany is known for its beverages, history, and landscape, but as one of Europe’s largest and most diverse nations it has so much more to offer. Its regions vary in size and culture, each offering a different side of the country for its many visitors to experience. Beautiful historic architecture can be found throughout the country, including numerous palaces such as Neuschwanstein Castle and Nymphenburg, whose halls are open to touring sight-seers.

Despite the appearance of its old-world architecture, Germany is a very modern, progressive country with plenty of opportunity for shopping, live theatre, and enjoying the region’s fine food and drink. German beer is especially famous for its craftsmanship and variety, which is celebrated annually with Oktoberfest, making fall a fantastic time to visit. Skiers will also revel in their chance to ride the Bavarian Alps , while others will still be able to appreciate the beauty of the vast mountain range. Germany offers its visitors a uniquely European mix of old and new culture amongst unparalleled aesthetic wonders.



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